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When your bank account is sitting at an all time low, it brings up feelings of uncertainty as to where more cash is going to come from. Whether it’s paying the bills at the end of the month, buying the latest gadget on the market, or covering an unexpected expense, poor cash flow can leave us feeling dejected and unsure where to turn to for assistance. At New Age Car Title Loans in Vacaville California, all clients are welcome, and we offer immediate cash loan solutions no matter what the need. We offer loans from the value of $2501-$20,000 determined from the value of your car which is used to secure the emergency cash. Our 24 hour service offers you the opportunity to apply for a loan at any time and you can also do this from the comfort of your home. Through completing our simple online application form or calling us on (707) 222-5030, our dedicated and professional staff will assist you through the process and answer any questions that you may have.

What are Car Title Loans and How Do They Work?

Before you apply for a loan it is important to understand what they are and how they work. This will allow you to work out if the loan will be suitable for you and will help your financial situation in the short term and the long term. Car title loans are secured loans. As is explained in the name of the loan, car title loans use your car title as the security for the loan. The way this is achieved is by New Age Car Title Loans in Vacaville CA, becoming the lien holder of the car when you sign the contract for the loan. We will hold the lien throughout the loan period. Because of this, you must have a car with a valid title in your name in order to be eligible to apply for a loan with us. Another implication of your car acting as the collateral for the loan is that the loan amount we can offer you will be based on the market value of your car.

Bad Credit? Unemployed? With us you are still Welcome!

As a secured short term loan, a car title loan comes with a few major benefits. With a secured loan, the repayments offer lower interest rates, which makes it far easier to stick to the repayments. As your car title is used as collateral for your cash, this makes it unnecessary for us to assess your risk based on your credit or employment status as the banks do. So no matter what your credit score or financial history is or your current or past employment status, we still want to help you to get the financial assistance that you’re looking for, and you may apply with us. We will not even ask you to provide details about your credit score or financial history and we will ask no awkward or difficult questions when you apply. There is no credit check so we have no access to this information, meaning we really can’t base our approval decision on your financial position. Good credit, bad credit and no credit applicants can be offered the same loan conditions. Whether you have a permanent job, are self-employed or are unemployed, you can apply for a loan with no problems. You need to know that you will need income as proof that you will be able to repay the loan; however we will not question where the income is coming from and it could even be from disability payments, social security benefits, unemployment income or retirement income and that will be suitable for us.

Online Loans for Convenience from Step One

We pride ourselves on offering convenient loans that are accessible to everyone and simple for everyone. This starts with the online loan application that is available right on the homepage of our website. In order to apply for a loan and receive approval, all you need to do is visit our website and fill in the required details. We will need your car’s make, model, year and style as well as its approximate mileage as we will use this information to work out the size of the loan we can offer you. If you prefer speaking to a person, this option is available as well when you call us up. Either way, you can complete the first part of the application process from anywhere that is convenient to you and you will be offered approval and a loan amount right then and there.

Car title loans are convenient in many other ways. Once you have been approved for a loan, if you are satisfied with our offer, you can come into our offices to sign the contract and get the cash. Before we can hand over the cash, we need some documents from you, but unlike many other lenders that requires piles of documentation until you feel you are bringing in every piece of paper you own, with  New Age Car Title Loans in Vacaville, we only require a handful. We will need proof of identity, proof of residence in Vacaville, your car title, car insurance information and proof of income. You must make sure that all of these documents are valid before we can proceed. If you need emergency cash, Car Title Loans in Vacaville California, can get the cash to you within one hour. Not only that, but you get the cash and get to keep driving your car even though it has become the collateral for the loan.

Helping You Every Step of the Way

Our professional team of consultants is available to help you every step of the way, from any questions you have to walking you through the application process. We can even help you sort out your paperwork if you find anything is not valid. We will help you get the best deals and take you through the steps of sorting everything out. We offer a confidential loan service with friendly help to put you at ease. We are fully legal and certified, offering a reliable loan solution. We are able to meet the rates of our competitors to offer you a low rate loan solution with many perks.

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Walking around with a poor credit score was really closing a lot of doors for me. So I took out a car title loan with New Age Car Title Loans in Vacaville and used the cash to pay back some of my debt. Thanks to them, my credit rating is looking a lot happier these days!

Sam H, Vacaville, CA


I was really nervous to apply for a loan, as I felt that this made me look irresponsible. But the staff at Vacaville Car title loans were so welcoming and professional and they helped me get the financial aid I needed.

Jenna R, Vacaville, CA


We had a pipe burst in our home and as we unfortunately live from month to month, without savings, I had no idea how we were going to afford to fix it. Car Title loans in Vacaville offered me the perfect short term solution, which also helped alleviate the pressure. Thank You! Derek, Vacaville

David Soumillon, CA

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